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UPDATE: June 1, 2021

All of my photography endeavors are currently on hold as I am moving and dealing with some things in life that need my attention.  I am more determined than ever to provide good quality photography FOR FREE to those who may need it.  I have decided to limit my availability for photography until I am able to devote a healthy amount of time and energy to finish some unfinished work and upgrade my equipment a bit as well.  You are welcome to contact me and inquire about any possibilities but I am having to be super selective about taking on any new work.  If you would like to talk about something you need, feel free to call or text my cell phone 574-202-4835. Since I am about 90% deaf, probably texting is the best option. :)

May God Bless you all on your journey.  Remember that if you discover that God has given you a gift or talent in this world- always give it away freely to "the least of these".  He will reward you beyond what anyone could give you financially.  

Be Jesus'

your little brother in Christ,

rusty e. edwards





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