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YES! That's how I get to "Be Jesus" and serve people.

There are 3 Options:
-FREE, TOTALLY FREE!  (it's a Jesus thing)
-Whatever you can afford (it's a Keith Green thing)
-Or a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies (it's a rusty thing- I like cookies)

1. FREE! (NOT kidding, NO fine print, NO gimmicks- just FREE)
I'll get paid more from the Lord by blessing you with free portraits than what you could ever pay me with money. Seriously! Oh you may want to pay me something but don't do it. Some people feel obligated, some people argue with me about this but if you try to pay me money- you'll likely steal the blessing that God was trying to give you freely.
I'm not independently wealthy mind you- I make an average income working with troubled teeens at Bashor Children's Home. Jesus didn't worry about money and He didn't even ask for it from people. He served everyone freely and so shall I- because that's how I get to "Be Jesus" to the world.

2. Whatever you can afford....if and only if you have prayed and the Lord Himself told you to pay something. I totally prefer FREE more than anything. Jesus provides everything I need and always has. Doing photos for FREE is an investment in things that last forever. My hope and prayer is that years from now when you look at the portraits we did for FREE, you'll remember- and say a prayer for me and my family. The Lord will hear you and then He will honor the work I've done in amazing ways.

3. One batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies.
Why? Because I like chocolate chip cookies and sometimes people feel they have to give something. I still like FREE better because then I don't have to run as many extra miles to deal with those extra cookies.

All sessions include: Unlimited photos, unlimited sessions, unlimited hours, unlimited outfits, unlimited use of all the full-resolution files (usually 18+mb), and unlimited ability to print whatever you like. Freely download any or all the images and print wherever and whenever you want. It's a Jesus thing. You can download the full resolution files for FREE and take them or upload them anywhere for FREE)

That's it- REALLY! For business and commercial work I do sometimes charge a fee unless the Lord tells me otherwise. For people, families, churches, non-profit agencies,'s always FREE. I realize this is a little unusual and there are much better photographers than I that charge fees that are well deserved. For me photography was never about money, it's about memories. It's a ministry and you just shouldn't have to pay to be blessed in ministry.
If I can bless people in the name of Jesus who loved me to death- well that's worth all the time and resources I can offer. God freely gives everyone talents and special gifts- if I have any, I will also give freely. You should know that every photo shoot I do is also a great adventure for me and so we create fun memories all the way around. AND- regardless who you are, what you believe or where you are at on your spiritual journey, you have to know that the hours I spend processing photos- I am praying for you, your family and all the beautiful faces in the pictures. So if you're okay with all of that- you don't need to ask many questions except "What time are you available?" There's a calendar / appointment link on the top menu that will answer that question.

Thanks for taking the time to read all that. Don't be afraid to be blessed.....for FREE!
--rusty edwards

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